Intermachinex Ltd. is a manufacturer of pellets with production of ecoenergy and also woods pellets

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Inter Machinex Ltd. - producer of ecoenergy pellets

Inter Machinex Ltd. was registered in Sofia Municipal Court in 1995 under № 11421 with scope of activity: marketing metal working machines, metal products and equipment.

In the beginning of 2012 Inter Machinex Ltd. started the production of ecoenergy pellets from wood waste, with a capacity of 100 tons per month. The pellets are made of coniferous wood. No adhesive substances and chemicals are used during manufacturing. High-quality characteristics of the pellets are achieved through the implementation of the best production practices, the use of high-grade timber and constant control of the input.

Inter Machinex Ltd. manufacturing facilities are located in the town of Sarnitza, 45 km away from Velingrad and 18 km from the town of Dospat. The latest technological solutions of leading European companies with extensive experience in the field were implemented during the establishment of the company. The facilities cover an area of 850 m2.

The produced ecoenergy pellets comply with all European standards. The operation is completely automated and dust-free. The company has its own warehouse for raw materials, sizing 3000 m3, and the finished products are stored in an area of 650 m2.

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