Intermachinex Ltd. is a manufacturer of pellets with production of ecoenergy and also woods pellets

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Why wood pellets?

The wood pellets are compressed under high-pressure sawdust.

The final product has a 6-8 mm diameter and moisture content up to 8%. From consumer’s perspective, the wood pellets are extremely convenient fuel, with great options for storage and regulation of the burning process.

Unlike other types of solid fuel, the wood pellets are easy to work with and the ash residue is minimal. The thermal comfort that is produced is no different from that of the natural gas.

The long term perspective of this kind of fuel is to become less expensive than the natural gas.

Available in packages of 15kg is making it convenient for loading in the fuel bunker of your fireplace or water-heating boiler.

wood pellets

For comparison: the burning of 2kg wood palettes

is equivalent to 1l disel