Intermachinex Ltd. is a manufacturer of pellets with production of ecoenergy and also woods pellets

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Using pellets

The pellets are used as an easy, convenient and clean type of fuel in modern, fully automated boilers. The ease of use is comparable to that of fuels such as diesel and natural gas, but at a much LOWER cost!

The pellets produced by Inter Machinex are made out of fresh beech wood, which guarantees 100% combustion and a minimal amount of ash.

Advantages when using palettes:

 bullet-greenautomatic feeding of the pellets into the combustion chamber

bullet-greencontrolled by a single push of a button

bullet-greendoes not require additional wood and/or accelerants

bullet-greencleaning of residual ash once a year

Pellets are also suitable for interior fireplaces, creating unique ambiance and romantic atmosphere.